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Review for AMI Network from Daniel Amitin

Advanced WordPress Development: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Want to take your WordPress game to a whole new level of coding mastery? Are you ready to really push your PHP skills and add even greater complexity and advanced functionality to your plugins and themes?

Welcome to our latest series, Advanced WordPress Development. This series follows on from our popular WordPress Development for Intermediate Users, which introduced you to some meaty coding topics, including theme development in detail, making themes customizer-ready, building plugins, custom post types and taxonomies, queries and loops, custom fields and metadata, and localization.

In this six-week series, you’re in for an even tougher challenge – but one that will give you every right to call yourself a full-fledged WordPress developer when you’ve finished! You’ll learn:

Object-oriented programming techniques with PHP,
How to write object-oriented plugins,
Working with transients,
Using the command line to improve your development workflow,
Using Gulp to compile JavaScript and SASS, and
Automating WordPress with WP-CLI.
Note: It’s important that you have a working knowledge of PHP as this is the foundational language of WordPress for this series, which covers advanced topics aimed at developers. I’ll be referring to code snippets throughout this series.

Before You Begin
This course assumes you have coded for WordPress before and that you have a basic understanding of how themes and plugins work. If you haven’t developed for WordPress before, or you’d like a refresher, I strongly recommend you read through WordPress Development for Intermediate Users, which will give you everything you need to know before you start this series.

You’ll also need access to a few things so that you can follow along and work alongside me. These are:

A development WordPress installation. I recommend working on your local machine
A code editor with FTP access if you’re working remotely (which you will be doing eventually)
If your code editor doesn’t have FTP access, an FTP client
I deliberately haven’t given you links to help you find all these things – I’m assuming that you’re already at the level where you know about this kind of stuff and can find them yourself.