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After spending over a decade in the world of recruitment and speaking to hundreds of hiring managers and thousands of job seekers, I was one day struck by a ton of bricks when a manager on the other line said they “found me on Google.” I tried googling recruitment firms, and was immediately lost in an endless labyrinth, no closer to finding what I was looking for…

Why wasn’t there some sort of directory for this?

There are platforms for finding things you want to buy (Amazon), for brick and mortar businesses (Yelp), and even for garage sales offering retro clothes from the 1960s (Craigslist). However, nowhere on the great wide web was there one tool to help find a recruiting firm, or to know if any of the 20,000+ were any good.

Voilà! …. All The Recruiters. Thanks for joining us on our journey!

The warmest hugs,

Daniel Amitin
Founder, CEO